About & Links

Hien Pham (pronounced h-ee-uh-n fam) is a queer digital artist specializing in gentle and optimistic comics. He grew up in Vietnam on war stories before moving and finding a home in Australia.

Hien is a full-time freelance comic creator and illustrator. His work revolves around respite, around caring and loving and being loved and cared for. He explores his own experiences with body image, gray-asexuality, and mental health through introspective journal comics and interactive fiction such as I’m Shirtless In This One.

His debut interactive graphic novel It Will Be Hard was successfully funded on Kickstarter in 2017 and won an Australian Game Developer Award in 2018. He gave talks on how games and comics intersect at Freeplay’s Parallels 2017 and Freeplay Independent Games Festival 2018. His first published short story Minefield for the Gothic Tales of Haunted Love anthology was shortlisted for a Ledger Award in 2019. Hien is also a frequent volunteer and contributing organizer to Perth Games Festival and Perth Comic Arts Festival.

His upcoming works include a short story in Smut Peddler Presents: Silver Edition slated for 2019, and his second graphic novel Boyfriends & Their Giant Dog is currently in the pitching stage.

Email: wavingcomics@gmail.com
Games: https://wavingpeople.itch.io
Twitter: @wavingpeople and @wavingcomics