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Get In Touch!

Drop me a line at and we can discuss! Please include a short description of what drawing you have in mind.


The costs are approximate for up to 2 simple characters in one image. Please feel free to commit to an earlier tier first, then upgrade later!

  1. Line art: AUD $27 ~ $50+
  2. Simple colours with minor shading): AUD $50 ~ $80+
  3. Fully rendered with a simple background: AUD $80 ~ $100+


  1. I maybe decline the commission if I deem the content requested is not suitable to my personal practice (details that are cultural insensitive or graphic content that I'm not comfortable drawing, for example).
  2. I retain the rights to the final art but not the details included in it (your character or your likeness, for example).
  3. The finished commission is for non-commercial use only.
  4. I may ask to use the image in my portfolio or for other non-commercial purposes, and will only go forward with your explicit permission.


Payment is paid in full up-front after I've sent you an invoice. Full refund is available if you change your mind before work on the commission starts. Once work has started refunds will not be available.

Payment can be made via bank transfer (within Australia) or Paypal.


  1. I'll request a description of the commission you have in mind (with photo references if possible). Once I have agreed on the commission, I'll send back a price quote.
  2. If the quote is accepted, I'll send over an invoice to be paid in full up-front. Paying for the commission means you have read and agreed to the Rights as listed above.
  3. Once the payment is verified (should take 2-3 business days) I'll do a rough sketch and send it over to you for your approval. Only one sketch review is available.
  4. Once approved, I'll proceed with the commission to the level of finish we have agreed upon.