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Born in 1994, Hien is a digital artist specializing in gentle and happy queer comics. After growing up in Vietnam on his parents' war stories, he moved to Perth, Western Australia, in September 2011. His work revolves around being caring and loving and being loved and cared for in a world that finds the opposite to be more noteworthy. He always strives for genuine representation of queer people of colour in games and comics.

Hien is locally recognizable for his enthusiastic volunteer work in the games development community, as well as for his painful puns at the monthly comic maker meet-ups.  He graduated from Edith Cowan University with a Bachelor in Creative Industries, and was a recipient for the 2016 Games Connect Asia Pacific Assist sponsorship, as well as the 2017 Supanova Banksia project.

In 2017, he successful ran a Kickstarter for his first graphic novel slash interactive comic It Will Be Hard. The light choose-your-own erotica tells the story of two men, with two polar opposite sexualities, working toward one mutually fulfilling relationship.