Comic & Illustration Commissions

Please contact me at to discuss. Click here for a handy survey of 2015 comic page rates.

Character Commissions (click here for request form)

Character commissions are art of preexisting characters that I render in my drawing style. Commissions of original characters (for use in RPGs such as Dungeons & Dragons) are available as long as a detailed description of their appearance is provided! A few things to note:

My rate is fixed at $18 AUD / $13.65 USD per hour. When a commission request is submitted:

Line Art Commissions:


For the most part, simple line art takes roughly an hour to complete. Torbjorn (Overwatch character, first on the left) took about 1.5 hours to render his multitude of machinery, while Lapis Lazuli (Steven Universe, next to Torbjorn) was finalized in 1. Original characters tend to take longer since I will also need to design from written descriptions.

Simple Colours Commissions:


Depending on the design, flatting could take as little as 5-10 minutes, and to a maximum of 30 minutes for something really complex. A one-colour shading (5-10 minutes) that provides basic form and depth to the character is also on offer.

Full Shading Commissions:


Full shading allows me to do detail and texture work, as well as adding more depth and personality to the characters' complexion. Once the character is fully flatted, this step is fairly straight forward, though still time-consuming depending on the design.

Character Spread:


Character spreads are the fully shaded cost + AUD $6. These combine all three commission tiers into one! The final image may be presented on a single canvas, or separated into their respective commission tiers. Please note that commissioning a fully shaded character does not equate to a character spread, as the one-colour shading is a slightly different process.

Tech Specs

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